"I know I’ve said it a couple of times already, but I really want to emphasize how great this whole thing has been from a lot of different perspectives. This is a talented group of kids who are meeting a bunch of guys from different schools, learning to compete at a higher level while still supporting their teammates, challenging themselves and learning what they need to do to improve, having to listen to and apply constructive criticism, and being coached by a group of guys who know what they’re talking about and really care about making the kids better lacrosse players.

I’ve been around lacrosse for 41 years as a player, coach, official, fan, and now as a parent. I’ve tried without complete success to explain to people what my various relationships with lacrosse have meant to me and how lacrosse and those relationships have affected who I am. It is neat to watch Wyatt developing his own relationship with the Game, and I can only hope it is as rich and full as mine has been. I couldn’t have asked for more from this experience, and I know Wyatt will be a better player and a more confident person as a result. Thank you and all the other coaches for what y’all are doing."

-Bill  (Virginia Beach, VA)

“Last night’s shooting clinic was terrific.  That’s a focused skill for a clinic that neither of my boys had ever had.  My younger son learned how to put real pace on his shot, which he’d never done before.  And my older boy, who’s still new to the sport, was significantly more confident, and controlled the ball much better in his stick over the course of the two hour session.  The boys are amped about Amped Lax.”

-Doug  (Richmond, VA)